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Complete Guide to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

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This guide will answer every question you have about MOS Certification.

  • What are MOS certifications?

  • Are there different certification versions?

  • How do I organise to take an exam?

  • How difficult are MOS exams?

  • Are practice exams available?

  • How much does it cost to take a MOS exam?

  • Are MOS certifications worth the cost?

  • Can a MOS certification get you a job?

  • Which MOS certifications should I start with?

  • Are MOS certifications shown in my LinkedIn profile?

  • Which MOS certification is best for beginners?

  • When do MOS certifications expire?

  • What are MOS badges?

  • What books would you recommend to study for MOS?

  • How will I know my MOS exam score?

  • Are there multiple-choice questions in a MOS exam?

  • What service does MOS University provide to candidates?

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